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SJ Panel is owned and maintained by RS Sample Junction LLP (or 'Sample Junction') and provides online panel services through the website This website #STREPLACE1 is owned and maintained by RS Sample Junction LLP. All individuals associated with the SJ panel are subject to the following policy and are requested to please read the below Reward Policy carefully and start using the website only if you understand and agree with everything stated below.

  1. Only members who are registered and have approved accounts with the SJ Panel are eligible to use and earn rewards from the site. Any participation without having an approved account won’t earn you any rewards from our site.
  2. Reward points will be credited to your SJ Panel account only if you qualify and complete a survey. Your points will be credited to your account as soon as the client approves your survey completion and data. This may take a few days or a few weeks.
  3. You must contact our helpdesk team if you don’t see the reward in your account after getting the message that 'Your responses on survey #xxxxxxx have been successfully approved by our client and your points have been credited to your SJ Panel account.'
  4. Your responses to the survey will be checked upon its closure, and if we find any junk or fake responses, any fraud tricks used while taking the survey, or if you have provided answers in a straight line without properly reading the questions, or if your answers don’t make any sense logically or practically, your survey rewards will be removed, and it may lead to your disqualification from the panel.
  5. If we find your survey responses rejected three (3) or more times, it may lead to the permanent rejection of your account, and you will be blacklisted from our panel. After your account being marked as 'backlisted':
    • All your unclaimed rewards will be forfeited immediately.
    • You will be restricted from participating in any future survey thereafter with the SJ Panel.
    • 'The claim redemption request' which is in process, will still be executed and you will get reward coupon in your email as per the normal procedure.
  6. You can redeem your earned points once your points are approved. It may take 15–30 days to process your redemption request. You will be notified once your redemption request is approved.
  7. To redeem your earned points, you need to reach the minimum threshold for redemption, which is 5000 points.
  8. The reward amount earned from referrals becomes redeemable when the person referred by you is approved for survey participation and if he or she qualifies in his or her first survey.
  9. To redeem your points, please visit the Points Redemption ⇒ Redeem Points section in your account and choose any of the available reward options at the time of making a redemption request. Please know that for reward distribution, SJ Panel uses a third-party company called 'Rybbon'.
  10. A panelist can raise one redemption request at a time. Next redemption request can only be raised once the first coupon gets redeemed.
  11. Please make sure that your account is protected from any misuse, as the SJ panel is not responsible for any misuse of your account or rewards points. If you come across such an instance, please contact our helpdesk team right away.
  12. Your reward points will be converted into reward codes or coupons and will be delivered to your email once you request their redemption.
  13. Each reward code or coupon has an expiration date that is provided to you along with the code or coupon. It is your responsibility to redeem your reward codes and coupons before they expire. Reward codes or coupons that have expired will not be eligible for redemption again in any case. Ideally, our reward partner will send you three reminders to claim your reward voucher.
  14. You can make a maximum of three redemption requests in a month.
  15. SJ Panel does not promote, hold any responsibility for, or intervene in the policies of reward (coupon, code, or cash) suppliers. If you have any issues with any of the reward options, you must consult our third-party redemption management company, 'Rybbon,' directly for the resolution of issues first.
  16. Once you request 'deactivation', all unused incentives in your account will be forfeited.
  17. For any support, doubts, or help, please reach out to our helpdesk team at

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